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A Korean dude living in Colombia, programming in C/C++, playing with Raspberry Pi, playing CS GO, Battlefield BC2, 4, 5 nick name as “Gangnam Dudette” or “강남 Dudette”.

Former owner of www.korea.co.kr from 1995 to 2008.

Be my steam friend (Send me a gift :P) Friend Code: 68236814

About KBaeksu Wonjune Lee ( 이원준, 李源晙 )

The 14th generation of Deokheung Daewongun (덕흥대원군, 德興大院君)
The regent of Joseon Dynasty Korea

I have traveled all around the world searching for the meaning of life. I had been in a sect for 11 years (don’t ask which one for your own safety, it says “ignorance is bliss”). Finally I realized that there is no such truth. I realized that family has the greatest value in our life.

Probably until my death, I will have friends that can be counted even fingers on one hand. Friends don’t have much value to me. What we need in our lives is not a friend, but a mentor. I had a mentor and I don’t have him anymore because of his two sides of face, one side Jesus like and the other side pervert like. Now the Internet replaced my mentor with great people whom I have never met.

All my life, I was working for my own Internet business coding programs day and night; I don’t know how many lines I typed, I can just say it was really huge site, and no one really noticed that the site was managed by one guy. Now I don’t want to touch computer anymore and I won’t fix anyone’s computer. This was my profession until my retirement in 2008.

I make my own Kimchi, yogurt and red wine. Reading books all the time if there is a chair
Over a decade traveling around the world, I found my dream village with breath taking nature. No one knows where I live for simply I don’t want my village crowded by bunch of tourists.

I am trying to live in zero stress life and try to be happy every day. Living in harmony is utmost important thing in my life. Every moment I am trying to live as a visitor or an observer to this world. I found this attitude puts me in the state of tranquility. Whoever disturbs my harmony will be out of my circle. Such as those who talk very loud, rude and insincere, namely uneducated people.

One of my objectives is to find intelligent but humble, sincere, educated and down to earth people whom I can trust. So that we can enjoy together when good things happen, share sad moments and watch each other growing spiritually.

I’m disconnecting from this world (not isolating), it’s been quite a while that I don’t watch TV or connect to any news site, I have no idea what’s going on these days around the world. A furniture delivery guy called me few years ago to comfort me for the first time for the Tsunami in Japan. Suddenly people were considering me as a Japanese. Funny…

I found myself and people very greedy by basic human instinct, the only way to suppress this greediness is to disconnect from the world, and be with humble people who are poor but still offer a meal to others.

I think, we, all human beings, are result of egoism. We are the proof of the strongest egoist gene evolved. If my parents weren’t I wouldn’t had been born, and they would have had adopted an orphan instead of having me. So I wish my egoism ends within my generation.

People believe that when God comes this world become heaven or they will go to heaven. This is completely false stupid idea. The heaven absolutely doesn’t exist above the sky. The God neither. You are your own god, and it is our duty to make this world heaven. If everyone has Gandhi minds then this world becomes heaven. The truth is opposite, when this world becomes heaven then God will come if he ever existed.

Life is really absolutely long if you are not so attached to religious salvation or material things.
To fill up this great time, I’m learning piano. I want to master piano until the level that I can make someone cry with my music. I love Chopin’s music. Listening to Nocturne Op.27 No.2 makes every daily scenery like drama in dream. Building repertoire is fighting against one’s memory and it’s really time consuming chore, and I really thank for that.

I have been living alone for a long time. I cannot forget my first girlfriend whose name was Mi-Sook who had all the amazing qualities within her heart. She was catholic, had great patience, and never expressed any form of arrogance or jealousy or materialism. If I try to describe her with words such as good, nice, sincere, and humble, etc, it would be waste of time. She was far beyond than these words. Visiting a leper village every weekend and wash them with her own bare hands. If the heaven existed that was where she came from and she would go back there when she dies. Since she was my first girlfriend and I was extremely stupid guy I didn’t realize her value. You realize the true value of someone when she/he is no longer beside of you…
She didn’t show me the model of woman. She showed me the model of human being. She is my Gandhi. If god exists and if he were more thoughtful, he should have saved the best for the last. Her face faded from my memory, only her laughter lingering in my ears…

I like nature and being in total silence. I noticed that many people don’t like silence, what’s wrong with silence? Don’t you want to hear birds chirping and feel insects crawling on the trees instead of listen to loud music? Within silence you can hear from your inside. We don’t know what we want until we hear from ourselves, our ego.

We all have given opportunities to live to die well. In other word, to enter the spiritual world when the body functions no more. Shed off one’s body is unique way to enter the spiritual world. Yes, I’m preparing my death since long time ago.

I had followed pipe dreams all my life. I had sacrificed my youth for these pipe dreams. I don’t remember any of my birthday party or Christmas party during these years. Now, “Nothing is important, life is nothing” as elders say, I truly understand the meaning of it.

Since I didn’t bring anything to this world when I was born, after my departing from this world I don’t want to leave “anything” behind. Moreover, I don’t want to be remembered by anyone simply because I’m nobody…

Mi-Sook & Me, we had platonic love.
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