Chinese virus has killed 6.2 millilons people so far…

and its number is increasing every second. That is almost 1/3rd death of World War 1 and 1/10th World War 2. (WHO rough estimate is 15 millions death, WTF)

The Bad & The Ugly

How many elderly people going to die from this virus for next 100 years? It can be your parents or mine.

If you study little bit about DNA and genetics you can clearly see that it is man made virus. The few codes of DNA set that cause virus characteristic CANNOT be happened in nature.

You cannot expect seeing a working watch by putting all micro components of a watch into a box and shaking millions of times.

The possibility of Covid being happened in nature is million times less than this.

The Covid-19 is Wuhan laboratory man made and government funded virus.

Other countries, including US, had this project too in early times but they very well awared its risk endangering all humanity and dropped the project. But China…

Chinese virus has killed 6.2 millilons people so far…
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